Information for the EGM to Decide on S106 Funds Allocation

Following the construction of new housing on the former factory site in the village the Parish Council has access to funds provided by the developer to improve the community/leisure facilities in the Parish.  The Parish Council is required to provide detailed information to NDDC on how it is to be spend – NDDC, having performed due diligence,  will then release the funds to the Council for it to give to the successful projects .

The council has decided that it will seek best overall value for the village from this funding and as the recent parish survey has identified that there are three projects that could be supported the council has now to decide which projects that it should support. The projects are:

  • Village Hall Kitchen Extension;
  • Tennis Courts/MUGA at the Recreation Ground
  • Improvements to Little Lane

All the projects were asked to provide the following information.

  1. A detailed description of the project including a projected detailed ongoing income and expense statements where appropriate.
  2. A statement as to how the project will significantly benefit the inhabitants of the village
  3. A fully costed estimate for the completion of the project with at least two quotations for any building or construction work and/or the purchase of equipment.
  4. Where partial of a funding is required, evidence that the remaining funding has been secured to complete the project
  5. Evidence of involvement or consultation with other parishioners about the project in order to show the level of support within the parish.

The council agreed the following principles when making its decision

  • It will only consider providing funding for capital costs for a new or a significantly improved existing facility or service and not for ongoing costs or routine maintenance.
  • It will only consider projects that result in a completed facility or service and will not fund partial projects unless the remaining funding has a guaranteed grant of funding from another source.

Here are the responses received