Dear Parishioner,

In the last few days you will have had the opportunity to view and ask questions about the 3 current proposals for new housing development in Okeford Fitzpaine. We now want to give you the opportunity to express your views on:

  • How many houses should be built
  • Where the houses should be built
  • What type of houses should be built

to meet local needs between now and 2031. And in addition:

  • How the facilities and the infrastructure of the Parish should be improved during the same time period 2016-31

This survey is the key to gathering evidence of local needs for how the Parish will develop. The survey has been produced using information provided in responses to the more general questionnaire issued in February 2015. And with the overall picture created from that questionnaire, we have been able to draft the more specific questions in this survey.

We are asking that you spend perhaps 30-45 minutes from your busy schedules to respond with your answers to the survey questions. It will be your contribution to help determine how Okeford Fitzpaine develops over the next 15 years.

What will we use this survey information for?  To produce a Neighbourhood Plan for Okeford Fitzpaine.  Once written, the Plan will be submitted back to Parishioners and will only be adopted if it receives a majority Yes vote in a referendum of all Parishioners.

If adopted at referendum the Parish will qualify for up to 25% of the charge made by North Dorset District Council to Developers of new housing for their contribution to local infrastructure. And so the survey also asks how we should spend this money to the maximum benefit of all the local community.

So if there is no Neighbourhood Plan there is no 25% of Developer contribution to spend on improvements to benefit the local community.

Many thanks for your help

Neighbourhood Plan Team – September 2015

The survey is now complete



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